Great British grub.

Who says the British can't cook?
 After returning from my short London trip, I leave with an even wider waste line, a discovery that free wi-fi internet doesn't exist, places are far more crowded, cars are smaller, and yes, we Brits do have some rather fancy foods.
Familiarity does breed content. These once everyday foods now seem like luxury items. I did leave with several suit cases packed with stuff I never even really ate or craved until I left the country four years ago, and which I probably will never end up eating.
Here's just a few I snapped and ate along the way. 
No jellied eels, pigs trotters, dumplings, proper sausages, bacon or chocolate.
Eat your heart out Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and errr...errr some other famous British chief.
The diet begins 2012.

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