Crushed nuts grandad.

Welcome readers, new and old. Due to what I ashamedly admit was as an audacious stunt of Facebook promotion, the number of followers of thisblog is up 300% from my last posting. Soon we could be reaching the dizzying heights of double-digits. Therefore much more time and consideration has beenput into this posting than before, resulting nearly a full hour of laboriousresearch and writing.

I like to think of this experience as more than a blog, butthat of an elite group of globally like minded intellectuals who share a passionfor technology, forward thinking and cutting edge technology.  Which is why this week I have decided towrite about saucy British seaside post cards from the 1970’s. In particular those produced by James Bamforth, of Yorkshire by the artist Brian Fitzpatrick.

In my mind these postcards perfectly capture the famously classic British cheeky sense of humor that still pluses deep in the hearts of the British public, especially mine. To me these postcards are as iconic and as much of our cultureas red phone boxes, double decker buses, black cabs, afternoon tea and cricket.

Fitzpatrick’s fantastically illustrated work was full of double entendres and smutt.Featuring sexy young women,fat old wives, drunk and put-upon middle-aged husbands, vicars, and honeymooning couples.

Atthe height of their popularity, more than 18 million cards were being sold ayear and while people weren’t writing, sending or reading these cards they were spending their time watching the likes of Benny Hill, Sid James and the CarryOn team.

Then unfortunately during the 1980’s something calledpolitical correctness came along, people stopped buying the cards, the studiowas sold, Benny Hill was removed from our screens and Carry On movies were no longer made.

In the 90’s I was lucky enough to purchase some of theoriginal artworks before they were thrown on to the fire and lost forever. Theytake pride of place where they rightly belong, in my lavatory.

Today a renascence is occurring, thanks to the likes of Mike Myers as Austin Powers, The Sun, Peter Kaye, and good old fashioned British nostalgia, the cards are now back in reprint, on sale and in vogue.


  1. Love that sophisticated wit.

  2. These are so fun! And so cheeky. Particularly the one with Sonia. Ahem!