It's all art.

From the comic 80's musings of saucy postcards, I thought I'd list a few what "art lovers" would describe as real art. Here's a selection of some of my favorite favorites for now.

First up Ron Mueck - he started off life as a model maker in the ad business now is producing these stunning sculptures.


Then of course there's Banksey. Not just a graffiti artist but a man of the people with a great sense of humor, political irony and fantastic eye for composition. Top man.


Alex Ross is my opinion the greatest comic book /graphic novel artist of all time. The power, composition and legacy he places in to all his work are legendary.


Next up it's Damien Hurst, it was either him or Jeff Koons. I think Damien demonstrates how we can view stuff differently than we would usually do. I like his unique perspectives, not the price tags.


Now after a little art, it's off to the world of The Simpsons and Pizza.

Catcha tomorrow! Keith.

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